Ruth Lewandowski Wine Review

About Ruth Lewandowski Wines

Ruth Lewandowski focuses on producing natural wines that are unfined and unfiltered with no sulfites added. Highly experimental and unique, their grapes are sourced from vineyards in Mendocino and Calaveras Counties. You can purchase their wines from their website or from Miracle Plum in Santa Rosa. Free porch drop off is also available for certain parts of the Bay Area and North Bay. We took advantage of this service to sample a few of their wines from their Spring 2020 release.

Rosé Cuvée Zero 2019 $25

  • 39% Tinta Roris (more commonly known as Tempranillo), 35% Souzão and 28% Touriga Nacional (Portugese varieties used primarily for fortified wine). Grown in Rorick Heritage Vineyard in Calaveras County. 
  • Pink-orange color to match the beautiful sunset artwork on the label. Very few legs when swirled. 
  • Delicate aroma of watermelon and fresh herbs. 
  • Watermelon rind and hibiscus on the palate, subtle notes of dried apricot and black tea. 

Dinos to Diamonds Cuvée Zero 2018 $30

  • Co-fermentation of 60% Merlot and 40% Sangiovese from Fox Hill Vineyard in Mendocino County. 
  • Deep purple-red color with adorable dinosaur cartoon art. Noticeable sediment present in the bottle which settles quickly when poured. 
  • Alluring aromas of blackberry, strawberry and clove. 
  • Fruit-forward palette of currant and berries with well-balanced acidity. Pleasantly dry and slightly spicy. 
  • Proceeds from the sale of each bottle are donated to Corazon Healsburg to aid in their support of community members affected by Covid-19. 

Feints 2019 $25

  • Co-fermentation of 31% Arneis, 40% Dolcetto 18% Barbera 11% Nebbiolo (three reds one white, Piedmontese varieties). Grown in the Fox Hill Vineyard in Mendocino County. Fermented using carbonic maceration, where whole grapes are fermented in a carbon dioxide rich environment prior to crushing. 
  • Light reddish-pink color with eye-catching doodles of foxes and ferns on the label.
  • Bright aromas of citrus, tart fruits and flowers.
  • Tart cherry and grapefruit on the palette. Very refreshing and “gluggable” with a dry, long finish. 

Overall Rating

We highly recommend Ruth Lewandowski wines. The three wines we tried were each complex and delicious, perfect for enjoying outside on a warm summer day paired with grilled food or a fruity dessert. As an added bonus, the design of their bottles is highly artistic and memorable. We are looking forward to trying more of their wines in the future, especially their selection of white wines. 

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